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Monday, December 23, 2013

happy birthday to me

i complain a lot about my too close to christmas crappy december birthday. i shouldn't complain so much. i'm pretty lucky to have great friends and family. i haven't been too excited about this birthday
a. i turned really old
b. it was on sunday
c. it's 3 days before christmas
well, it was yesterday. the actual day itself was pretty uneventful, but i basically celebrated all week long.

co-worker michelle started off the celebration by leaving this little surprise on my desk. sometimes little things really are big things.
laurann, jared, and i went to tucanos for dinner to celebrate. we had a lot of fun and ate a ton.

i went to lunch the day before with my roommate dana, and forgot to take a picture #fail

i got this funny email on my birthday. it was extra funny to me because i don't exercise on sunday. thanks golds gym. i wasn't planning to come that day anyway.

i came downstairs to go to church and found this.

roommate dana brought me a little treat. we were talking the other day about earrings. sometimes they are too heavy and hurt my ears. she remembered and bought much lighter blingy earrings. how nice!
i'm really excited about my new streamer. i HATE ironing, and some clothes just need something besides the dryer.
i got a lot of calls, text, facebook messages, instagram comments, etc wishing me a happy birthday. i love birthdays. i love celebrating and making a big deal out of it. i shouldn't complain so much about mine because it really isn't so crappy.  thanks for all the birthday love everyone.


  1. Happy birthday again! You'll have to let me know how that steamer works out for you, I hate ironing too!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Golds gym is so funny sending that to you!!



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