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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

i flew down to california a couple of days before christmas to celebrate with my sister and her family. no, my parents did not come. yes, they are sad we aren't there. yes, i am sad i am not there. yes, it is more fun where the kids are. since traveling with 3 small children during the holidays really isn't practical, i went where the kids are. sorry parents.
be prepared for a picture overload
we usually just read the nativity story from Luke 2, but since the kids are a little older, we acted it out this year.
 karlee was the perfect little mary. kyler wasn't exactly thrilled to be the baby.
 traditional christmas eve present.
chelsea tried to stop the tradition with my mom this year, but i insisted on getting new pajamas
 the kids in their new pajamas
 love matchy matchy
 kyler loves treats more than anyone. he didn't really get the whole "these cookies are for santa" idea
 jingles the elf came back for one more night to say goodbye
 so much for not going overboard this year
 all the kids got new bikes, and kyler got this fun toy. all the kids thought it was for them.
 kyler saw the treats in the stocking and that's basically all he cared about

 karlee really wanted a kitty. she was pretty happy with this fur real kitty.

 chelsea and i got matching sunglasses, and we can all see why i don't leave the house without makeup

 we opened presents, skyped with my parents, and had our traditional breakfast. christmas is pretty low key around here. i finally changed out of my pajamas into workout clothes in the late afternoon and never got ready for the day. since it is just us here, we played with toys all day and never left the house. it seems kind of strange that christmas is the one day of the year i don't get ready, but it's perfect. we have a great day with family. i'm so happy to be able to spend the holidays with these littles. i hope everyone had a very merry christmas!


  1. I love how you acted out the nativity story! Sounds like the perfect Christmas! Do your parents live near you?

  2. Looks like an amazing Christmas!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers


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