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Monday, December 2, 2013

30x30...days 25-30

i can't even believe this round of 30x30 is over. it went by so so fast. this was probably my favorite 30x30 so far. even though i still don't love taking pictures of myself every day, i feel a lot more comfortable with it than i did the first time around. i definitely didn't run out of outfit options. even on the days when i started to feel like i didn't pick very well, i still easily came up with things to wear everyday. my favorite things about doing 30x30 are...
1. making new friends (some of my best bloggy and friends IRL are from 30x30)
2. realizing i have plenty of clothes even when i feel like i have nothing to wear
3. creativity with outfits. you can't get stuck in a rut with 30x30
4. challenging myself
5. using my dslr camera more

if you're considering a future 30x30 (like the one modern camelot is hosting in january), i highly recommend it. if you need convincing, email me.

the tricky part of this week was remembering what i already wore. because i didn't pre plan my outfits, i had to check almost everyday to make sure it wasn't a repeat. luckily it never was. i don't know what it is about the pictures this week, but they are mostly all terrible. enough with all this blah blah blah. onto the outfits...

day 25...urban cardi, old navy shirt, gap outlet jeans, streets of NYC scarf, toms shoes
 day boyfriend cardi, old navy top, target scarf from hellobox blogger swap, other gap outlet skinnies, bare traps boots
 day maxx top, scarf from some daily deals site, gap outlet skinnies, old ballet flats
 day boyfriend cardi, gap outlet dress, old navy leggings, bare traps boots, scarf from my sister
karlee wanted in on the photo fun. too bad the lighting is terrible. my eyes are so squinty the might as well be shut
 day boyfriend cardi, target v neck, gap outlet skinnies, h&m scarf, toms shoes
my sister teased me about always standing the same way so i decided to be annoying and stand like a statue.  
 day 30...bella bird cadi, target v neck, kohls skinnies, urban scarf, toms
maybe i really am glad this challenge is over. these pictures are definitely the worse. 
check out the other weeks for a little more variety and definitely some better pictures

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  1. I found myself posing exactly the same too! I seem to do a head tilt thing haha! I'm glad the challenge is over but it was fun and really did go by fast. After wearing the same clothes over and over I was excited to take something else out of the closet this week. And then this morning I wake up and put on one of my 30x30 outfits :)

  2. I LOVE your Day 28 outfit! So cute!! I didn't get mixed up on what I wore this time, because I kept a spreadsheet for the first time. :) This was fun, but... I am glad to be back in my other clothes again!

  3. Woot woot! You did awesome. Love love your cardigan on day 25. I'm sure I've seen it on the other days, but I'm just noticing it now!

  4. I kind of want to try this. Challenge me?! :)


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