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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

last minute wrapping

I'm usually pretty organized, but there are some things I always seem to do at the last minute. Wrapping presents especially for Christmas is definitely one of those things. I flew out to California yesterday which forced me to wrap a few days early. Wrapping isn't my favorite task, but I love the end result. I love pretty presents. 

I love traditional wrapping (red paper) with some added color. If you are last minute and still need wrapping ideas, I found the small ornament balls in the dollar section at Target and the jute and other ribbon at Hobby Lobby (or any local craft store). Merry Christmas and happy wrapping.


  1. Love those ornaments from Target this year!! I made them into a garland, but I have some left I should put on presents. Maybe I'll put bows on the gifts before tomorrow. . . :)

  2. Very cute! Wrapping is definitely my least favorite because I get so impatient with it!



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