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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2103: Year in Review

i'm kind of dying that today is the last day of 2013. this has been such a great year. i'll be back tomorrow with a very short recap of my goals for 2013 and new goals for next year, but for now, here's how i spent 2013(with clickable links)...
january...started the year staying up until 4:00am watching movies, hot tubbing, goal setting, eating, etc with friends at laurann's house
 went to lava hot springs for the first time. i got sick and mostly failed to document the weekend.
 february...#monthofhair...different hair style everyday
 trip to missouri to visit the fam
 march...celebrated easter at brynn's orphan dinner
also attended my first blogger roundtable hosted by bonnie and elizabeth where i met blogger friend april IRL and decided to get a little more serious about blogging
 april...stayed in town for spring break
got together with current and former co-workers
we laughed and talked and played with babies
and then i did a bouffant bun tutorial for them
 in support of autism awareness month, i wore blue everyday
 may...girls night with girls from work
 another blogger roundtable where i met more great girls including deidre (lovetheskinnys)
 i did my first 30x30 fashion challenge mostly to see if i could really do it. turns out i could, and i also made some really great blog friends.
 i spent the second half of the month in st kitts, st thomas, and california. the trip(s) was exactly what i needed. i have never relaxed so much in my life.
 june...30x30 was over, but kimberly and i still wanted to collaborate so we started blogging the bach(coming back starting next week) together. we finally met IRL at another roundtable.
andrew and michelle found out they were having a baby girl when i made a gender reveal cake for them
 i made a goal to run 100 miles in the summer (training for a marathon made that pretty easy but it made me run more during the week)

july...celebrated the 4th in california

 i also spent a lot of time at the pool (my summer fave)

august...another night with the girls from work. we didn't mean to match. it just happened.
 i did 30x30 again. i love the challenge of mixing things up in my closet.
 megan came to town, and i was introduced to the slurp and a lot of great bloggers
in a bit of a whirlwind, i moved.
went to my first favorite things party. it was so fun spending the evening with old and new blog friends.
i soaked up the last little bits of summer

september...ran my first post surgery full marathon

went to california to visit family together with some girls from instagram for a craft night
 loved fall more than i ever have before. i especially loved running this fall.
the bach ended, and kimberly and i missed our collabs so we started WHAT WOULD YOU DO...?
attempted to see the witches at gardiner village, but there were so many people there
dressed up as the 3 little pigs for playgroup at work
 november...ran the snow canyon half marathon
 did another 30x30 challenge with quite a few other bloggers
 spent thanksgiving in sunny st george
 december...made a lot of things with peppermint for WHAT WOULD YOU DO...?
went to festival of trees and gardiner village to see the elves

tried xtendbarre and had a fun hot cocoa party with blog friends.
 spent the holidays in california
 2013 was a great year full of fun, family, and friends.



  1. I vote for even more girls nights and craft nights (def) in 2014! :)

  2. Fun!!! What a crazy year it has been. I love that having a blog allows us to go back and remember in such great detail.

  3. Wow! You did a lot this year and lots of friend and bloggy meet ups! I see you were in Missouri before the May 30x30!! Lots of trips, too! What a fun year you had! Love that month of different hairstyles, too!

  4. You did so much this year!! =) How exciting 2013 was for you!! So glad I was able to find your blog your the 30x30 challenge, I have really enjoyed getting to know you!


  5. Looks like an awesome year! Here's to 2014!

  6. Looks like a fun year! No wonder you were sad it was over. Hope the next year brings you all the more fun and goals accomplished.


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