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Sunday, December 22, 2013

sarah and ted want to adopt

forget what i said about only posting churchy things on sunday. this week has been crazy town. i planned to post about a blogger event on thursday night to go live on friday. i was too busy partying with my bloggy friends, and it didn't get written. this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but it didn't get written either.
anyway, i'll get to the point...
i've known sarah and ted for almost a decade. we were all friends when they were single. they are some of the greatest people i know. they have an adorable little boy, drew, and really want to add to their family. if you know anyone looking for an adoptive family, send them over to their adoption blog to learn all about them.

i can't believe we are so close to christmas. i'll be back this week talking all about it. 


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  1. awww! I hope their path to adoption is quick! That's awesome.


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