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Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 goals

as previously promised (on multiple occasions) i am finally posting about my goals for the year.

i talked a little about this in my recap from 2012.
Last year somehow turned into the year I really felt like a grownup. Even though I do plenty of fun things, it seemed like I spent more time being responsible and less time having fun. I have a hard time balancing life most of the time. and I will basically never say no even at my own expense. Although 2012 was a really great year, I want things to be different this year. I know I will still be responsible and dependable, and I also know I am at the stage of life where that's kind of how things are. I haven't ever picked a word as my theme for the year before, but looking back at 2012 my word was very unintentionally RESPONSIBLE. I wanted to be more intentional this year so I picked FUN meaning I want to have fun doing whatever I am doing. i want to enjoy life more and not waste everyday looking forward to some future day. I don't expect my life to be a party all the time, and I don't even want that. I just want to find more joy in whatever I am doing. So, I have a goal to have fun everyday whether that is a fun work appointment, good workout (I know that's not fun for everyone but it really is for me), dinner with a friend, or an overnighter with old roommates. I've already been trying it and so far I feel a lot happier. If anyone wants to do something fun, let me know.

along with having more FUN/enjoying life a little more, i have a few other goals for the year...

daily fun (see above) (i'll be posting on twitter)
document 12 runs (the Generation Gap running group i run with has a lot of really awesome standard runs, and they aren't written down anywhere. hopefully next year's goals will include putting together a book)
spend less (i really want to move to the cash system for spending money. i planned to at least use cash for drinks this month but so far it hasn't happened. need improvement already)
send birthday cards in the mail (make sure i know your bday and address if you want a card)
write in my journal at least once a month (i used to be so good, and have gotten so bad)
monthly goals (1 per month all year) sugar January
Feb...different hair everyday (i did this last year, and it was a pain in the booty. however, i am bored with my hair, and this will force me to stop being so lazy and bored)
March...taking suggestions
April...something to do with autism awareness month
May-Dec...still thinking

i'm excited about 2013. i talk about goals every single day with the families i work with, yet i sometimes struggle with my own. if you posted about your goals, i am sure i have seen it since i am way behind on posting. if you didn't, what are your goals for this year? do you have a theme word for the year?

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