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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Eve

I generally really really love holidays, but I could just skip right over New Year's Eve. I used to get really stressed out about plans, and now I kind of don't care. The more low key it is the better. I started the night off by stopping by a hot chocolate party hosted by Brianna and Byron. Too bad I didn't take any picutres because it was so cute. My friend Laurann has hosted several parties in the past and did again this year. It was so much fun. We ate, played a game (I know. Hard to believe I played a game, but I did), got in the hot tub, and attempted to watch a movie. It was very low key and very fun. Julie and I slept over and spent the next morning watching a movie and being lazy. It was the best! Thanks Laurann for hosting.

playing a game with a made up name. not only did i play, but i actually won.

i saw something similar to this on pinterest or somewhere and literally threw it together. another post coming.

after a failed attempt to watch pitch perfect at 3am, we watched it the next morning.

how was your new year's eve? did you do anything fun?

I'll be back tomorrow talking about goals for the year.


  1. That sounds so fun! I love low key parties too :)

    1. it really was so great. i was posting as i was falling asleep last night so check back for some edits:)


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