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Thursday, January 3, 2013

sea world

when we went to sea world earlier this year we didn't really plan on going back even though we had passes for the year. since chelsea and jeff moved to california and i was there for the holidays, we decided to go one more time. it was so nice to be an hour away.

i posted a ton of pictures on instagram (@aubreyzaruba) while we were there, but i also took my big camera.  it was rainy part of the day so i didn't get as many pictures as i wanted but did take some.

first show

second stop...snow land. the kids weren't really sure what to think.

 karlee loves rides. karson is a little more timid, but he did go on one ride with me.

 blue horizon show. they added beluga whales to the end since the last time we saw it.

it started raining at lunch and kind of kept raining on and off the rest of the day. we finally decided to leave, but then it stopped for a bit. we decided to go to the shamu show, and of course it started raining while we were waiting for it to start.

 i managed to get a good picture of one of the very few times they jumped out.

even though we got rained on the second half of the day,we had a good time, and we were glad we went.

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