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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

another year older

you would think after 30+years i would just accept the fact that I have a too close to Christmas crappy december birthday. well, I don't really. i get so mad about it...dumb i know. this year was really no exception. chelsea and jeff moved to California and the best day to do it happened to be my birthday. so, I spent the day helping them move. the good thing about that is I'm already used to kind of crappy birthdays so i was happy to be able to help them. after a long day of packing, cleaning, driving, unpacking, etc. we ended the day with some awesome presents and del taco for a late dinner (wish I was kidding about that part). it was a little bit of a different birthday, but i'm glad i got to spend the day with family.

pulling away from the vegas house for the last time (sad)

opening presents at the end of the day. how cute are these littles???

looking fab after a day of moving (yikes)

birthday dinner...seriously. we were just happy to eat at this point

we celebrated for real a few days later at chilis courtesy of my mom

i think i'm in a little bit of denial about another year older. oh well, like it or not i really am another year older

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