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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

why I probably won't ever do a sock bun again

I feel like the sock bun is all over the place. Whenever I have a big ole bun people always ask if it's a sock bun...nope just my hair. I'm starting to get a little nervous about coming up with 28 hairstyles next month. In preparation for #monthofhair, I did a trial run of overnight sock bun=beautiful curls. Let's just say the sock bun is not for me. Also, these pictures are embarrassing, and i can't even believe I am posting them.

apparently you are supposed to put a sock bun in your wet hair, sleep, and wake up with awesome hair. i'm pretty sure i failed at the sock bun part. i have a heckuva lot of hair so it was huge and not tight. is it supposed to be tight?
after waking up what felt like 50 times in the night, this was the result. not cute=not happy. i mean seriously. what is this hair? where are the beautiful curls? i don't like sleeping with my hair up. it gives me a headache, and this was definitely not worth it.

i sprayed some beach babe and finished drying (oh ya, it was still wet when i woke up). i'm pretty sure i look like i'm trying to bring back the 80s especially with the faded melt i currently have going on. my hair was horrid and in a pony in no time. i was pretty sad about the failed sock bun

what did i do wrong? is is possible to have too much hair for the sock bun? HELP! any other ideas i should try now or next month?


  1. No help here... Never tried it. But I'm laughing so hard over this post right now!!

    1. Happy to provide some entertainment. Stay tuned for another post on a different sock bun someone sent me.


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