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Sunday, January 6, 2013

new year's poppers

i saw this idea online somewhere(if i knew where i would totally link it, but unfortunately i did not save it) and literally threw it all together a half hour before i left for new year's eve parties. it could have been so much better if i had more time.

basically i took a wrapping paper roll(if you plan ahead toilet paper rolls would be way easier) and cut into smaller pieces. fill roll with candy, confetti (made from cutting up pieces of shiny paper), whatever. wrap with wrapping paper. make tab from washi tape and homemade baker's twine. seal roll with washi tape. the tutorial i saw actually cut the TP roll and sewed the cover paper so it would tear easier...way too much work if you ask me. these were way cute but didn't work super well. i didn't do the tab very well so pulling it didn't actually open the thing. oh well, at least they were cute right?!?

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