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Sunday, January 20, 2013

roommate reunion

once upon a time we all lived in the turnberry apartments in holladay. jen was our roommate in provo but basically an adopted roommate in salt lake. nettie, michelle, kim, and i moved to salt lake and met sarah, shan, and amanda (who lives out of town). dy eventaully moved up. sarah married ted and kim married mark so shan and amanda moved in with us. sarah's husband ted's roommate billy (you following this?) married karen, and she is also part of this crowd and an out of towner. at one time or another we all loved together mostly with 6 at a time. life was a non stop party. we try to get together fairly often and keep in touch through weekly emails, but we finally decided to do a girls night. we met for dinner and dessert (no sugar january is still in full force). i love love love their husbands and kids, but it was so much fun with just us. we probably could have stayed talking and laughing and talking all night long.i'm one lucky girl to have such great friends. can't wait for the next one!

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