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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Girls Night Out

several weeks ago aly started a group text about getting together for a girls night. we picked a day and time, and it felt like it was so far away. time goes by so so so fast. before we knew it, it was here. we all met at sawadee for dinner. the poor little babes didn't love dinner as much as we did, but we still had so much fun. we really missed those who couldn't come.

last time we all got together over spring break there was some crazy talk about the cuteness of this group hence the heels

charity had to leave after dinner because her baby just wasn't having it, but the rest of us weren't ready to call it a night. we ended up at lunaberry for the next several hours.we could talk and talk for hours, and the weather was so nice so we really did talk and talk for hours. i love these girls so much and miss them at work every single day. can't wait for our next girls night/craft night/whatever night.


  1. I love the effort that you put into connecting with old friends and maintaining those relationships. It's definitely not something that is easy to do, but I believe it says a lot about a person when they are willing to make that kind of effort!

  2. I need another girls night! Totally think we should make this a regular thing!


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