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Friday, May 24, 2013

may 30x30 week 3 {days 13-18}

since i've been soaking up the sun (and having the worst cell coverage ever) i'm way behind on this post. when i initially picked my 30 pieces i actually only picked 29 in case of an emergency or something. i packed clothes to wear on my trip, but i quickly realized most of my daily outfits were a swimsuit and cover up. so, maybe it's cheating, but my piece number 30 is a swimsuit and cover up. it's been so great living in my swimsuit and soaking up the sun.
day 13. it was hot as blazes but i had to wear something i wasn't taking. red target cardi, cream tank, black skinnies

 day 14. i look awful after traveling for almost 18 hours including a red eye and 2 layovers. stripe old navy v, old navy charcoal hoodie, big star jeans. i put this outfit on monday night before the airport and was more than ready to get out of it by tuesday afternoon.

 day 15. spent all day in my swim suit until i showered and put on my pjs. it was wonderful.

day 16. we took a bit of an island tour so i actually wore real clothes. too bad this is the only picture i took and the camera lens was foggy...oops. target stripe v, big star cut off shorts

day 17. another day spent at the pool=heaven if you ask me

 day 18. another travel day (st kitts to st thomas). it's so hot and humid=i look like a wreck. target stripe v, big star jeans.

i was a little nervous doing this challenge while traveling, but since i barely got dressed it's been great. check out what my other friends have been wearing. i'll be back in a couple days with the rest of my vacation outfits/swimsuits.



  1. Love day 13 and 17 :) YOu have some cute cover ups for your swim suits! You are looking refreshed and TAN!! Lucky!

  2. I liked packing for my trip with only 30 pieces to choose from! But my trip is just my same life but at my mom's house so it wasn't hard to wear my regular clothes :)

  3. My favorite kind of vacation is spending time at the pool :) And you look great for traveling so many hours, including red eyes! Those are the worst! Love your fun outfits :)


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