Wednesday, May 1, 2013

spring 30x30

over the past year or so i have seen the 30x30 clothes challenge all over blogland. i have thought about doing it a few times but always had enough excuses to talk me out of it. 
when kelly posted a spring challenge that included linking up with other bloggers, i thought more about it. after wearing blue everyday in april (more to come on that very soon), i was really nervous about taking on another clothes goal. i'm a sucker for a challenge and also meeting other bloggers. kelly is seriously the nicest and set up the whole thing to convince encourage us.
basically you pick 30 pieces of clothing...tops, bottoms, dresses, etc. (i'm not counting shoes or accessories but some do) and mix and match pieces for 30 days. some people also choose not to shop as part of the challenge. unless i really NEED something for my trip, i'm not shopping this month. i have already picked up a few new things for spring so it will be good for me to have a shopping freeze.
i really hope to follow kelly's posting schedule, but i am nervous how that's going to work out with being gone for 2 weeks. here's the plan...
  • Wednesday, May 1st:  My 30 selected items 
  • Wednesday, May 8th:  Days 1-6
  • Tuesday, May 14th:  Days 7-12
  • Monday, May 20th:  Days 13-18
  • Monday, May 27th:  Days 19-24
  • Monday, June 3rd:  Days 25-30
picking out my 30 pieces was so STRESSFUL! the weather here is bi-polar as evidenced by the snow we had today, and i will be spending 2 weeks at the beach. i hope i didn't make any mistakes.
cardis...1. red target 2. neon gap 3. mint gap 4. teal nordstrom bp 5. olive target 6. gray h&m 7. cream shade 8. charcoal hoodie old navy

 tops...9. blue/white tank old navy 10. teal tank wal mart 11. cream tank from who knows 12. royal blue old navy 13. stripe bella bird walmart 14. baseball tee old navy 15. melon stripe gap 16. navy stripe gap 17. purple/teal v target 18. yellow stripe v target 19. coral stripe v old navy

 bottoms...shorts and pants...20. white shorts banana republic 21. big star cut offs 22. big star cuffed jeans 23. melon skinnies gap 24. black skinnies kohls

skirts...25. denim bella bird walmart 26. army bella bird walmart 27. navy skirt/shirt modbe 28. yellow dress/skirt bella bird walmart
29. black maxi skirt that better get sewn pronto
30. undecided..saving for an emergency

and because it's is a little sneak peek at my attempts to photograph day #1



  1. i think you made great choices for all weather!! Good luck and just have fun!!

  2. Great choices! love that you used the shower rod as a place to hang everything up for photos. very clever! And those pictures aren't funny! Turn your flash off and maybe hold it lower around your chest. But I'm no photography expert...

  3. I have A LOT of cardi's in my 30 selections, too... well, 4, which I think is a lot. I love all of your colorful tops! I am going to follow you, because I think I'm already following you on Twitter and IG, too! LOL! This is going to be so much FUN!!! :)

  4. Luckily the snow didn't stay long, RIGHT. Sorry, again. If I had a full length mirror I would probably do my own pics :) My husband did mine and they. . . are not my favorite. I bet they get better as the month goes on (practice makes perfect!)

  5. Love all of your COLOR!! So perfect for Spring - can't wait to see all your outfits!!


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