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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

bouffant bun

several months ago i saw a post on twitter about the bouffant bun. i was obsessed immediately. it is the perfect style for my massive amounts of hair but also the perfect style for fine hair. this girl did a video tutorial.

i promised my friends a live tutorial over spring break so here you have it...the picture tutorial of the bouffant bun. i still can't do a sock bun to save my life, but i can for sure do this.
1. definitely spray some dry shampoo (suave is best if you ask me) 2. tease your hair like CRAZY and then tease even more. don't just do the roots.
3. flip  your head upside down and put in a high ponytail 4. tease your a lot and then some
5. wrap hair into a somewhat loose bun. your hair is so teased that it should be pretty big and not really tight at all
6. pin in place with bobby pins or hair pins
voila you have a huge bun. practice on your friends. this will get you  one more day without having to wash your hair i promise

thank you erin for introducing me to the bouffant bun. i owe you one.
do you do a sock bun? have you ever tried this? let me know if you do.


  1. Love the bun! I do that on my hair like every weekend! Definitely gets me through another day of no washing!

    xo, Jessica

  2. i love buns! i tried a sock bun once but it didnt stay very well.. yours looks like it would hold up a lot better throughout the day. looks way cute

  3. I love that buns are becoming popular! As a former ballerina, I can get my hair in a bun in under 5 minutes - of course, I have to stop myself from dancing down the hallways at work when I do a bun. :)


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