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Thursday, May 9, 2013

month of blue

i swear i'm not a fashion blogger. i'm really really not. apparently i think i am though. i keep doing clothes things for my monthly goals which means i totally look like a wannabe fashion blogger.

my goal for april was to wear blue everyday in support of and to raise awareness about autism. like i mentioned before, i did it last year so i wasn't super worried. i started out thinking i would definitely have repeat outfits, but somehow i managed to do different combinations for the whole month. i wasn't dying, but i was definitely looking forward to being done...until i decided to do may30x30.

here you have it, lovely iphone mirror pics of all my BLUE outfits for april.


  1. That's awesome that you did that! You have some adorable cardigans! I love cardigans and have too many for my own good haha

  2. you have so may cute striped clothes! i love stripes

  3. That's pretty impressive! That reminds me, one time my daughter went an entire month without wearing pants. No pants, only skirts and dresses. Drove me buts!


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