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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

may30x30 week 1

edit...i wrote this post super late last night. i am running my crazy busy head off and am completely exhausted. i thought about coming back to edit the post to make it a little better, but i decided to keep it real. so here you have it...a very exhausted blogger attempting to document what i'm wearing this month.
may30x30 is well underway.  so far it's going pretty well. the weather played a little trick when it snowed the first day, but other than that, it's pretty fun. i am loving my new bloggy friends.
i am definitely no fashion blogger, and i don't love pictures of myself, but here we go with the first 6 days.

day snowed. still trying to figure out what to do about pictures. teal tank, red cardi, black jeans
day stripe V, gray cardi, big star jeans

day 3...struggling with the pics today. melon stripe, teal cardi, melon skinnies

day 4...spent most of the day in workout clothes. finally got ready for the day around 4:30. old navy stripe, big star long rolled up to make long capris. got chilly during the soccer game so the pants came unrolled

day 5...sinking into the ground while taking pics. cream tank, mint cardi, denim skirt

i'm excited to see what all the other girls have been wearing.


  1. I love day 3, the melon colors are great for Spring and you look great! Day 5 is also a favorite, too funny you were sinking into the grass... we've had SO much rain here, too!

  2. Cute cute! I really like the last one. Like everyone else this spring, I'm obsessed with mint green!

  3. You are cute! I love those melon pants and hello? Denim pencil skirt? Love.

  4. I think the melon/teal combo is pure awesomeness!! I shall try that color combo when this is over! I also like the skirt day 6 outfit... So pretty!

  5. Love your last outfit. A few of us have similar ruffle tops!

  6. I love the melon and teal together! I need more of those colors in my wardrobe!! Good job!!

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  8. Loving these looks! I love Target :) They always have the cutest staple pieces!!

  9. You look great! The last outfit is my favorite. I totally know that feeling of sinking into the ground in heels - good job looking "natural" in the face while trying to stay above ground. :)


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