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Friday, May 3, 2013

unblogged baby gift {painted and mod podged frames and print}

in case you were wondering where i was yesterday...i was over here blogging about summer reading (a little funny I know). go check it out.

remember a couple of months ago when i posted about the framed let them be little print for baby henry's room?!? well, loved it so much i decided to do another one for co-worker alyssa's new babe norah. i really really love how this turned out.

follow this tutorial for the framed print. the striped frames are super easy too.

cut fabric an inch or two bigger all the way around than the cardboard in the frame

scotch tape (or something stronger if you want) fabric around cardboard like you are wrapping a present

put in frame...super easy, cute, and a great way to tie in the fabric from the framed print

i bought the cheap frames from the craft store so i decided to paint them cream and gray stripes. i painted the whole thing cream first. i measured the width of the stripes, but it still ended up off a little. tape off sections to be painted gray. paint a coat or two and let dry before removing the tape. you may need to touch up with a thin brush just a little.

i was even happier when alyssa sent me pictures of the nursery. are you a make it or a buy it kind of gift giver?

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