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Friday, October 18, 2013

friday feature {kiss me darling}

remember the pumpkin inspired outfits from the first what would you do post? originally i only planned to post the recipes, but when i started talking to the girls of kiss me darling about pumpkin inspired outfits, i got all sorts of excited for that too. their fashion is literally to die for cute. their clothes are really cute, but what i really really love are their darling accessories. we all know how i feel about accessories.

i'm so excited to have 1/2 of kiss me darling here today talking about fashion.

bethany the brunette
danielle the blond

danielle is off enjoying a sunny vacation so i interviewed bethany about fashion.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your blog. " We are Bethany & Danielle from Kiss Me Darling. We are best friends- both mommies of two, and share a passion for fashion. One thing that is special about our blog, is that we each share our own  different individual styles. We believe that fashion is a way of expressing yourself, and that there is NO such thing as too much clothes. ;)
2.  What's your signature fashion item? Shoes of course. ;)
3.  How do you deal with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Sometimes its fun to pull things out, and plan outfits by mixing and matching new and older clothes. I've surprised myself with the awesome outfits i've thrown together
4.  What's your most embarrassing fashion story? We've each had our fair share. ;) I once had a pair of these gorgeous purple heels. They were way too small for me, but i refused to admit it. I wore them for too long at work once, and it made my feet swell to the point that my boss was ready to send me to the ER thinking I was having an allergic reaction!!! I had to explain to him that it was because my heels were too tight. So embarrassing!!!
5.  What's on your fall wish list? I would love a maroon colored tote bag. So perfect for the fall!

these girls are absolute dolls. it sounds like they are the perfect candidates for #fall30x30 don't you think?!? my most embarrassing moment of my whole life is fashion related and also involves shoes. i agree with bethany. i think i neeeeed a maroon colored tote bag. want to see more of kiss me darling. head on over and check them out. outfit details also on their blog.


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