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Thursday, October 31, 2013

throwback thursday...halloween edition

everyone loves a good throwback thursday post right?!? i basically only like dressing up for halloween when it involves a group costume and costs less than $10. i've been pretty successful over the years.

i can't find the group pic anywhere, but there were 5-6 oompa loomps walking around 

by far the best costume of my entire life
 sample anyone?
 the dance troop included 2 males, lots of sparkle, and a choreographed dance
 thankfully my co-workers go along with my ideas.

recycled flight attendant costume for youth dance. i can't find pictures from round #1.

tetris complete with music with the co-workers last year

this year has been a little crazy. the holiday totally snuck up on me. i didn't dress up for any parties or anything, but the 2 other teachers i teach with tomorrow and I have something fun in the works.

and a few non-halloweeny business items
1. are you in school? do you know someone who is? make sure to enter this giveaway
2. jacquelyn and I are just a tad obsessed with Kelly's daughter, Guinevere, and a bit ago we recreated a #whatguineverewore look from Kelly's instagram feed. Well, we're back at it again and this time we're inviting you to join us! All you have to do is recreate a toddler's look. Yup, it's that creepy. I mean, it can be your own kid but if you're like Aubrey and I and don't have any mini's then you have to borrow someone else's mini's look. Just do us a favor and get permission first, mmmk? You can also recreate the same look Aubrey and I have picked. We're sticking with Guinevere this month and will be recreating this gem. 20131001-155606.jpg
Yeah, I know. It's really too much. The linkup will be November 6 and is open all week so you have plenty of time to join! You can also grab the button and add it to your postypost. We're hoping to do this monthly and will announce ahead of time what outfit we pick! You can also follow us on Instagram to catch our conversations on #whatguineverewore.


  1. if i can find a green vest/ jacket i'm in!! and LOVE LOVE LOVE your creative halloween costumes

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