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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

wear it wednesday {color}

i'm not a neutral colors dresser at all. people make comments a lot about the way i put color together. i most often hear things like...
"i would never think to put those colors together"
"i could never wear that, but you pull it off"
"teach me how to do that"
"how do you know what goes together?"
so i'm helping you out a little. i found this dress on clearance at the gap outlet last month. the first thing i thought was wow i can wear that with so many colors.
step 1-pick a color to start with
step 2-add another random color in the form of a cardi, scarf, shoes, other accessories
step 3-if you're feeling really brave, add another color
sometimes (ok a lot of times) i get matchy matchy and have matching shoes and cardi or something else. this time i preferred a complimentary color rather than matchy matchy (i'll be back talking about that soon).
while i was in california i had my sister do a little photo shoot on the beach of this colorful outfit.

cardi-gap outlet
dress-gap outlet
leggings-forever 21

we didn't plan our outfits or talk about it at all, but we all ended up coordinating. chelsea doesn't usually put random colors together so i was proud of her for wearing a colored instead of neutral cardi

side note...this might be the biggest bouffant bun i have ever seen. karlee told me i looked like i was going to a wedding.


  1. Great color choices. Love the bouffant!

    FYI - giveaway at my blog!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I wish I had as much hair as you! I don't even have enough to go around a small hair donut haha. But I LOVE your outfit, and I love wearing two bright colors together. You look fab!


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