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Monday, October 21, 2013

random rambling {autism awareness}

i talk a lot about autism in april which is autism awareness month. i wear blue everyday in an effort to do my part to raise awareness about autism. autism is part of my life almost every single day, but i don't talk about it here very often when it's not april.
i want to share a little about autism today-when it's not april. 
autism is not a rare disorder. you probably know someone with autism. it is such a complex disorder, but what exactly is it? autism speaks is my favorite place to go for the most current research based information. you can find basic information on the disorder as well as current research and treatment information.
did you know the incident rate of autism is 1/88 children and 1/54 boys? the rate in utah is much higher at 1/47. when i started working with children with autism 12 years ago the rate somewhere around 1/188. autism is not going away. it is on the rise.
i saw this video on facebook a while ago. it melted my heart. i know jackson and his parents. the whole point of this video is to increase awareness so aubree happily gave me permission to post. 

autism is a struggle every single day. 
kids make progress., but it is still really hard. these families are amazing! 
i am so blessed to be a small part of these amazing families.

PS...i was so touched when sheaffer from put together a giveaway for a mom of a child with special needs. i loved the idea so much and hope to piggy back on her idea. my hope is to put something together for a christmas giveaway. if you're interested in donating goods, services, or money, please email me. thanks


  1. What a great family and a sweet boy!

  2. autism is so hard! one of my piano teachers had a son with autism and he was so cute, but their life was stressful to say the least. I wonder why utah has such high rates? that's a scary percentage.


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