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Thursday, October 17, 2013

parents in cali part 2

a few announcements to start off
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3. round 2 of #whatguineverewore is also coming up. get taking your pics.
and now onto the post for today...

did you catch part 1 of my trip to california with my parents? in between mini golf and the beach we spent time at the house swimming, jumping on the tramp, playing games (karlee teaching my dad to play candy crush), going to school with the kids, and enjoying our time together. 
i wish the weather was a little warmer at the beach, but it was barely warm enough to take some pictures and play in the sand a little. we all got a little more wet than we planned from the waves which made karson less than happy, but he survived. after the beach, we hit cafe rio mostly for my mom. here's another photo dump.
karlee loved climbing.
 kyler didn't have any problems with the sand, but he did have a little harder time walking

 kyler probably would have run right into the ocean all by himself if someone didn't hold him down.
 i love these kids a whole lot, but taking pictures is nearly impossible

 since they live all the way in missouri, my parents aren't on the blog too often. it was fun being able to spend time with them.
 karson was upset about being wet and cold so picture taking didn't go so well.

this was my 4th trip to california since they moved there, and we finally made it to the beach. there's just something about being at the beach that makes me so happy. even though it was a little wet and cold, i was really happy being there.

the rest of the california trip included sunday lunch with friends in town from vegas, playing at the park, and the kids hiking up a whole ton of stairs. as always it was a fun little getaway, and i didn't want to leave.

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