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Monday, October 14, 2013

random rambling...change change change

leaves changing colors is one change i look forward to

i've had this post planned for a few months. i never got around to posting it, and now it has evolved into something different. some people really like change a lot. they actually seek change. i am not one of those people. i like to be comfortable. even when change is good, it is still really hard for me. even when change is planned and anticipated, it is really hard. stability is good. comfort zone is good. except sometimes change is inevitable. 
some parts of my life are pretty stable. i've worked at the same job for 10 years, and while there has been a lot of change over those 10 years, i still go to the same office everyday. until recently i lived in the same place for a little over 3 years. i've been with the same cell phone provider, insurance carrier, gym, etc. basically since the beginning of time. you get the idea.
this summer i felt pretty comfortable. sure there are always things in life we would change if we could, but overall things were fine. i wasn't looking for a change necessarily (i mean besides the obvious looking for a husband kind of change), but change happened anyway. 2 of the girls i lived with bought houses, and in a very short time everything changed.
i decided rather quickly to move. i found a place, found someone to move into my old place, and moved all in a matter of 2 weeks. it was crazy fast, and everything just seemed to work out. i had really mixed feelings about this change. i was really sad to move on from friends i was really comfortable with, but i was also excited for a new place and new friends. this has honestly been one of the easiest changes for me. unlike other changes, i didn't feel anxiety about the change. i felt and still feel really calm about it.
a lot of things have changed lately. i live in a new place with new girls. i attend a different ward (church congregation). i have new responsibilities at work. i have some new and really great friends (do you have friends you group text with on a basically daily basis? i highly recommend it. gracias to alycia for that line.) exciting things are happening here on the blog. 
when i started thinking about writing a post about change a few months ago, i felt really sad. i was sad that people were moving on to new and exciting things. i'm glad i didn't publish it back then. i have a new perspective on change. change is going to happen no matter what so i might as well embrace it.

Photobucket do you feel about change? do you love it or hate it? 
PPS...i can't believe october is practically half over which means november is right around the corner. i'm joining forces with kelly from modern camelot for another round of 30x30. we would love for you to join us. if you are even considering participating, email me and we'll get you on the list. it's fun!


  1. Change is super hard for me as well. I get very overwhelmed with change even if it is good change. I loved normalcy, I crave it. So happy that things have been good changes for you!! =) I was contemplating doing 30x30 again but I sucked at it in August because of all of the change happening (moving being the biggest one) so maybe this time since my life is calmed down I will do much better!

    Kate @

  2. I wish I didn't like change so much. James and I were just talking about how excited we are to move, and how we are so tired of our tiny apt. We felt the same way about the house we lived in before we moved here, and the one bedroom apt before we moved there. Looking back on both of those places are happy memories and we are sad that we weren't more content where we were or where we are now. Because I know once we move there will be lots of things that we miss about our current location. So for now we are trying to be content with the lack of change but still looking forward to changes that lay ahead. (The only change I really hate is the diaper change)

  3. Im always afraid of change, but I always end up loving it. It can be refreshing! <3

  4. So funny that you posted this because I was just writing a post in my head last night about this very thing (surely I'm not the only one who writes blog posts in my head to help me sleep???) I've said my whole life that I hate change, but I'm not totally sure that the evidence supports this. Will be writing a blog post (for real) about this soon!


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