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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

what would you do...1.0

remember kimberly from blogging the bach?!? it's been a couple of months since the bach ended, and we've really missed our regular collaborations. so...we decided to start something new. (don't worry, we'll be back blogging the bach in january).

WHAT WOULD YOU DO... (also #wwyd)

what does that even mean? each month we pick something and post about what we would do with it. for example
October...WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a can of pumpkin?
the theme will vary from food to clothes to crafts. the options are endless.
posts go up the 2nd Wednesday of every month. 
theme for following month announced at end of post.
we would love for you to join us.
simple enough right?!?

enough talky talk. let's get down to business here.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a can of pumpkin

my first thought was weight watchers pumpkin cookies because they are amazing, but i'm pretty sure everyone already has the recipe. (email me if you don't)
i love love love pumpkin, but i hate pumpkin pie so i was really excited to try some new things.

1. go overboard (naturally. if it's not over the top it's not worth doing)
2. ask around and see what others would do
i was at craft night and asked for ideas. candace happened to have this. all the recipes are adapted from this food network magazine.

pumpkin yogart

the recipe said to use vanilla greek yogurt, but i always buy plain. i added a little honey for sweetener. this was a major FAIL. it was so gross. i felt like i was eating pumpkin flavored sour cream.

twice-baked sweet potatoes

bake sweet potatoes in oven at 400 degrees or cook in microwave for 10 minutes. halve and scoop out the potato. add 1/2 c pumpkin, 1/2 c sour cream, cheddar cheese, 2 chopped green onions, 1 tsp salt, and pinch of nutmeg. spoon mixture back into potato and bake for 20 minutes.
the original recipe called for butter in the mixture (i skipped that) and regular white potatoes. i loved the sweet potatoes. this was so good, and i am definitely making it again...maybe tomorrow.

pumpkin soup

make 2 cups of chicken broth with 2 cubes of chicken bouillon or use ready made broth. simmer 1 can of pumpkin, 2 c chicken broth, 1/2 c cream, and 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice. stir every 5 minutes.
AMAZING and so easy! i added a scoop of sour cream, green onions, and cheese, but it was just as good without. 


i wanted to make cookies, but i didn't have a spice cake so i tried brownies with white chocolate chips. i left out the oil in the mix. 
the brownies were really good but didn't taste like pumpkin at all. if you're trying to get your kids, husband, self to eat pumpkin, add it in brownies.

besides making all these recipes, i really didn't go too overboard if you use a big can. potatoes, brownies, and yogurt only used a little more than a small can, and the soup used another small can=1 big can.
as long as i'm cooking with pumpkin, and it's wednesday, why not post a pumpkin inspired outfit?
every single thing i'm wearing except the skirt (which I made) is so old it's not even worth discussing where it came from. sorry!

i'm dying to see what kimberly did with her can of pumpkin. she's such a good cook. check it out here.
kiss me darling also decided to join us. they are the most fashionable girls, and i can't wait to see what pumpkin inspired outfits they picked, and i already know the recipe they're posting. trust me, you must check it out here.

this was fun right?!? for next month...
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with $20 at Target.



  1. Ha! We think so much a like and both did multiple recipes! Those potatoes are going on the list this week for sure. They sound SO good.

  2. Ok those pumpkin brownies have been popping up on my pinterest feed for weeks and I've been trying to resist. But the white choc chips have done it. They sound amazing, I neeeed to try them asap!

  3. Oh and did I mention you look stellar in those pictures?! Adorable outfit!

  4. Hahaha I love this post, too funny! I didn't even know cans of pumpkins existed! And if I had one I would have no clue what to do with it. My first guess would be to make a soup probably. Anyway, feel free to stop by and enter my $50 Nordstrom gift card giveaway!

    Xo, Amanda


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