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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

girls night with the co-workers

my current and former co-workers always have so much fun together. we have been planning to go to dinner and see the witches at garner village. it must have been witches night out or something because the place was a complete zoo. we walked around a little before giving in and going to dinner at pei wei                                  

me, jessica, aly, anne, kimber, charity
 GNO trainee. i'm so sad we didn;t take pictures of her darling outift
 i love this witch!
 even though our original plan didn't really work, it was still a fun night. i love these girls so much and can't wait until the next one.



  1. Love the witch! That place looks like an awesome place to eat... no wonder why it was packed!

  2. how fun!! even though your plans changed and fell thru, glad you all still had fun :)

  3. GNO trainee and I had so much fun! We'll make sure to get a picture of her outfit next time for sure :)


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