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Thursday, September 25, 2014

26.2...big cottonwood round 2

running the nashville marathon was nothing like i expected. it was hard, so much harder than i thought it would be, and my performance was pretty terrible. it was bad enough it really made me consider stopping forever, but i didn't want to end like that.
even before nashville, i already planned to run st. george in october. i have been really nervous about it, but i decided to do it. i spent all summer training. i ended up being ready a little too early. i needed another long run before st. george so when robyn told me she was coming out to utah to run big cottonwood again, i decided to do it too.
we met for a few minutes at packet pickup. we decided our next roommate reunion can't include running

the start line was early and cold. we both looked so exhausted.
the start was fast and steep. i had a hard time getting started, but after several miles of trying to get into the running groove, i did a lot better.

i met a couple girls in the first half. it was their first full marathon.
we came out of the canyon at mile 15. renae, from my running group, met me and ran the rest of the way with me. she definitely saved. there course included a 7 mile out and back stretch. it was so hard, but having something there to support me made a huge difference.


 marathons are hard-all of them. it pushes your body to its limit. the thrill of the finish never goes away.
 i was so happy to finish. i barely missed my goal, but i finished really strong. i can't be upset about that.

i can't believe i'm doing this again next week. wish me luck.


  1. Way to go, Aubrey! You are amazing! It seems you always have such great support! I am running my sixth half in less then 2 weeks! EEK!

  2. I think getting close to your goal is a big accomplishment in itself!! :) You still always inspire me... One day I'll run a 5k, that's probably about as big as I'll go ;)

  3. Good luck next week! You are amazing!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I am still so impressed by you! You are AMAZING!
    The Morrell Tale

  5. You are amazing! Good luck in St. George.


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