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Monday, September 15, 2014

random rambling...friends

things might be a little quiet around here this week. who knows. maybe i will get my act together and schedule a few posts, and maybe i won't. september slumber soiree is this weekend so blogging is going to have to take a little backseat to this blogger event.
i ran the big cottonwood marathon on saturday. i'll be back with a full update later. there were a lot of good things and also a lot of not so good things. one of the greatest things was my running friend renae. she met me at mile 15 and stayed with me the rest of the way. she literally saved me. a marathon is so mentally challenging and having a friend there to help me push through that was so helpful.
maybe it wasn't a big deal to renae to come run with me, but it was a big deal to me. it really meant a lot, and makes me think. i count on my friends more than some because i have no family close by. my friends and their families are like family. good friends are so important. 
i have been really lucky to have a lot of good friends. being a good friend means dropping everything to support a friend. it means waiting until 10:00am on a saturday to run when you normally got at 6:00. it means waiting around the finish line of a race for hours. it means offering to help do things for your friend's event. it's remembering the birthday and other important dates. it's talking for hours and hours. it's laughing and crying. it's being that person that you can count no matter what. bottom line, i'm a super lucky girl.

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  1. Friends make our lives so much richer don't they? And congratulations on completing the marathon.


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