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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

blogging the paradise 1.5

i watched with my friends laurann and kim. neither of them watch normally so the commentary is extra good. kim was pretty quiet, but laurann had some pretty funny quotables.

"i don't think jesse's here to fall in love at all"--sarah
"things are happening way too fast, and it's stressing me out"--michelle (at least someone is thinking around here)
"does she really not know what those are? every 4th grader in america knows that"--laurann
lots about love from marcus and lacey
"what is that? the mating call of an elephant?"--laurann
"can we wear statement necklaces in hawaii with our swimming suits?"--laurann (we are going to hawaii in november. stay tuned for pics)
"i don't want to mess up a good thing with robert"--sarah (then don't)
"at the risk of sounding utterly crazy..."--sarah (i'm glad someone is admitting it)
"she's nice and cute. that's all i really have to go off of"--brooks about jackie
"can he say another word besides cute?"--laurann
"i know i'm scaring you, but it comes from my heart"--cody (um then maybe don't be scary)
"if tasos asks michelle on a date, cody will probably eat tasos"--graham
"i'm not ready to leave paradise"--jesse (apparently he doesn't care about christy, just paradise)
"hello 1985. what? where did she get it? where did she get that shirt? and that hair" "she needs to go back to the stalactite" --laurann about lacey
"this might be my favorite date. just sayin"--jackie (and she's been on a lot on this show)
"it's unique. it looks like a horse's mane. bless her heart"--laurann about michelle's hair
"idiot. jesse is an idiot"--marcus

journey...2 (thanks to ashlee)
connection...12 (i might have missed a couple)

WHAT I SAW...on twitter
i didn't totally notice the teeth, but i definitely agree that robert is much hotter
i wondered the same thing
same here
i was pretty surprised to hear next week is the end. what did you think?


  1. Lacy is such an airhead! Who ended up with who? I watched part of the episode.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I still need to get caught up. I was going to do that last week but Joe's laptop wouldn't connect to the internet and I need his laptop to act as my TV while I blog on mine!!!


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