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Friday, September 26, 2014

for the little tykes...color matching

i absolutely 100% did not come up with this idea on my own. a friend gave me the idea a few years ago. i'm sure i could look it up on pinterest, but i came up with pretty easy instructions.

pringles can
hot glue
butcher paper (or some other paper to cover the can)
tape (i used washi tape)
hole puncher
reinforcement labels (ya know...the kind you used in 6th grade when you tore the holes in your papers)
pipe cleaners

1. cut paper to cover pringles can
2. cover can completely
3. use a little hot glue (or glue stick if you like that stuff) on the inside paper to glue it to the can and also glue the paper to the paper so it stays in place
4. secure the paper with some tape. i like this fun washi tape found at wal mart of all places

5. punch holes in the lid of the pringles can. i did 3.

6. color reinforcements with marker

7.  put reinforcements around holes in lid

8. match pipe cleaners to the holes

finished product

if you want pipe cleaners to go all the way in the can, trim the tops off. they cut easily with regular scissors

this was so easy to make. it could be quickly done during nap time or even with the help of your little tykes. i might add a kid's name to the other side of the can to make it more personalized. let me know if you make it.

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