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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

wear it wednesday...agnes and dora

i've been obsessed with agnes and dora leggings for a while now. they are so soft and comfy and not see through at all. it is really crazy, but one size really does fit all. i don't wear a lot of leggings in the summer, but i can't wait to wear them every day in the cold, snowy winter.
ever since the pencil skirts came out i've been obsessing over them, but they seemed a little too long for my short legs. WRONG!

               photo credit kaycie e

the pencil skirt with the thick fold down waistband was perfect. it's just as comfy as the leggings, and i'm in love.

i've been obsessing over the kimono too. they have so many great patterns to choose from, and they are so comfy too. the kimonos are coming to the website soon.

i wore this on friday of slumber soiree, and it was completely perfect. i love this outfit so much. i can dress it up with a fancier shirt and heels or dress it down with a t shirt and flip flops.

do yourselves a favor and head to agnes and dora immediately.
***i received this outfit from agnes and dora to wear at slumber soiree


  1. love it! you seriously look so good aubrey! and i haven't stopped wearing my leggings- it's definitely time to invest in a skirt... or six :)

  2. that green skirt is perfect on you! I bought a pair of A&D leggings last year after hearing about them and they ripped a big run in the crotch after day 1. I was so sad. So thus ended my legging days lol

  3. I want a kimono so bad!! I can't wait until they go up on the website.

  4. Okay I absolutely love this on you girl!! You look fantastic!! :) So I have had you on my sidebar for awhile now and thought I was following you? Apparently I haven't been! I just now followed you on blog lovin' and Facebook so I won't miss a post now! :) If you want, you should stop by and follow along as well!

  5. Love that kimono!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. This is one of the cutest outfits I have seen on you to date! LOVE this outfit!!

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