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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

what would you do 12.0

last month i wrote a post about school/office supplies. kimberly and i both love school supplies and instantly agreed on the topic for the month. i can't even believe this month marks a whole year of this series. i love it so much!
this month we want to know
with $20 in the office/school supply aisle?

i have a confession (yes i know 5 little confessions was last week)...i actually bought several items before we decided to do this post. i planned to buy a few more things i've been wanting (like the multi color pack of felt pens), but i ended up needing to buy other things instead. 

1. folders and loose leaf paper for september slumber soiree. today is the last day to get tickets at the regular price so sign up 
2. glitter pencils also for the soiree
3. packs of crayons for a fun craft. i ordered the supplies for the rest of the craft weeks ago, but they are shipping from china or india or somewhere not close.
4. 3 ring hole punch, neon post-it notes, fine point pens (these are the items i bought before we decided the theme)

i didn't go a great job of keeping track of my $20, but i am sure i'm close. i can't wait to see what everyone else wants to but. link up below.



  1. So excited for next week!! And I seriously can't wait to have school age children so I can just go bonkers for back to school stuff.

  2. Seriously nothing better than a new box of crayons....also I think I bought 10 times as many notebooks than my eldest could ever possibly need. I'm a huge sucker for a brand new composition notebook.


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