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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

alison's cabana boogie

i kind of hate dance parties. i know. i kind of can't believe it either. i grew up dancing so it doesn't really make sense. it's just not my thing. every time the alison show has a big dance party, i don't go. 

i somehow (ahem looks for lovelies) ended up buying a ticket this time, and i'm so glad i did.

things started out a little crazy with dinner. i got out of work late, and traffic was a beast. i was super late to dinner and never got a chance to order. the restaurant was BUSY and instead of telling us they were short on staff they just ignored us (no drink orders, food orders, or check for 40 minutes). needless to say I wasn't impressed. despite the lack of food, we had a fun time. 

emma, sandy, natasha, cecilia, sarah, michelle
the gallivan center was the perfect venue for a party with 600 of our closest friends. we got there and rushed the light to take a few pictures. 
alison making her grand entrance on the throne of awesome. 
photos with the cabana boys

sarah in the throne of awesome
besides the dance party, there was a braid bar (platinum studio), a soda truck (sodalicious), cookie ice cream sandwich truck (penguin brothers), yogurt bar (milk and honey) and a fun swag bag. i spent the evening with lots of friends and had a really fun time. 

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