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Thursday, September 17, 2015

unblogged bloggable...the iron cowboy 50/50/50

people tell me i'm crazy for running marathons or getting up at 5 (or earlier) in the morning to run. maybe i am crazy, but maybe crazy isn't the right word. 

i heard about the iron cowboy and his plan to do 50 iron man in 50 days in all 50 states to raise money for the jamie oliver foundation to end childhood obesity. a lot of people probably called him crazy. 

i started following him around day 35. it was a unique certainly challenging goal and probably a little crazy, but it was also one of the most inspiring things i have ever seen. 

he organized a community 5K at the end of each event. his family including wife and 5 kids traveled with him, and his daughter ran every 5K with him. he is from utah so day 50 was in utah and ended with a big celebration. 
tiffany and i went to the event. we planned to do the 5K, but we didn't want to miss his actual finish. 
watching someone cross the finish line of his 50th and final full ironman in 50 days in every single state was absolutely amazing. the body is incredible, but the mind is even more incredible. it's hard to make excuses when you witness something like that. 
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