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Monday, September 7, 2015

2015 goal update...FOCUS on...slumber soiree

AUGUST was FOCUS on slumber soiree
i hosted a super fun blogger sleepover last fall, and i plan to do it again this year. before august i started a few things, but there was still a lot of work to be done.
1. secure venue (in the works)-check
2. solidify date (also in the works)-check and then i changed the date 
3. open registration-check and then closed it due to date change
4. contact sponsors-half check. i got some responses and need to follow up with others
i picked the date, started intense planning, and opened ticket sales. it turns out it was a really bad weekend for a lot of people so i am moving the date and completely changing the format.
last year i provided all the meals, drinks, and snacks. i am pretty good at doing things on a small budget, but it costs a lot to provide all those things. here is my question...
a. pay more and have everything provided
b. pay less and help bring food
even if you're not local/able to attend, i would love your opinion.

SEPTEMBER is FOCUS on health
the 21 day reset last month was a really good start for me. i like to be healthy, and i consider myself a healthy person. the truth is i have gotten into some really lazy habits over the past couple of years, and i need to stop making excuses. 
1. lift weights 2x/week
2. run 1x/week besides saturday long runs
3. continue 21 day reset maintenance (food prep, 1 cheat day/week, whole grains, fruits/vegetables)
although my overall goal is being healthy, i definitely hope to lose some pounds. my reward for meeting this goal is going to be paying myself cash for each goal i accomplish each week.

how are your goals going? i can't believe we're getting closer to the end of the year.

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  1. I did so well in 2014 on working on goals and sharing them on my blog and really focusing on achieving them and then 2015 rolled around and I have all but failed on each and every goal. OUCH! So in 2016, I'm totally going to realign my mindset and FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.
    I can't wait to see what you do with the soiree!

  2. I personally would like lower prices and to help bring food! :)

  3. Wait, so is Slumber Soiree a different weekend now?? I think I missed something in there haha. I'm tired so I could just be imagining things. Silly baby was having too much fun screaming at us to go to sleep last night... If it's a different weekend, maybe I'll be able to make it, especially with Joe's new job/schedule. Next weekend I for sure won't be able to be there for even Friday night because Joe has the end of last week off (to use up his vacation days) and we're planning a big to do all day/night on Friday to celebrate :)

  4. I'm hoping this comment works! Your blog doesn't like me. But I do want to come. I'd probably prefer paying less and help bring food! I'm excited for a slumber party.

    1. It made me reply from my blogspot account that's old.. oh well. Hopefully you know it's Sarah Fedotova :)


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