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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

blogging the bach 2.6

i love all things bachelor including paradise, but i'm not too sad this is the last week. does anyone else miss bachelor pad? the competitions made it much more fun to watch. since this is the end of paradise, i predict a lot of people will go home before it's the real end.

who's watching...amanda, celsey and shawn if we're lucky

recapping last week-ashley i requests a date with jared
the sad part is she's wanting to do this after he said she's not over what's her name--amanda
there must be a lot we don't see--cel
there's no way he takes her v card

mimosa party/mikey breaks juelia's heart
i thought juelia was going to break mikey's heart not the other way around
i don't want to be the one to tell her this, but that swimsuit is not the best--cel
juelia's a cute girl. i'm sure she'll have plenty of guys wanting to date her now

jaclyn has a date card/cassandra arrives/nick wants the date card
why wouldn't she take dan--cel
except he's butt ugly--cel about justin not dan
i thought cassandra got back together with her baby daddy (edit-confirmed they were engaged last year)
why is justin the hot stuff
because he's available--cel
she looks like a bull--amanda
she's nice. i wouldn't have done it--amanda
that's the old jaclyn that we love--cel

cassandra and justin on a date
her eyelashes look good--cel that's because she just got there
they look like the worst kissers in the world--amanda
does he have beer flavored nipples? i'm confused--cel

at the house-jade and carly don't trust samantha/jared breaks up with ashley i
samantha made a lot of enemies this round
i'm so upset we have to watch this breakup again. 15th time's the charm--cel
jared might not be the most attractive, but he is the nicest
you need an ugly cry tally next time we watch this show--cel
young mom is falling into her born role as ashley's comforter--amanda

nick and samantha on a date
i'm kind of bored with their date and just checked out for a few minutes
i seriously don't care about either of them, and i wish they would both just go home

rose ceremony-AKA the grand exit
jaclyn's outfit it terrible--amanda
ok miley cyrus, you don't have to show us everything--cel
ashley i is holding herself together a lot more than i would expect
ashley s might be a little crazy, but she consistently has the best style
ok seriously, where does jade shop--amanda
dan should have stuck with ashley s--cel
when did they have time together--cel about mckenzie and mikey

we're down to 5 couples-chris h shows up to tell them all they have a date+fantasy suite
anyone who wants to take it slow should not come on paradise
nick's like your creepy uncle that never gets married--amanda
my heart is breaking for carly. 
you can't be graciously be broken up with on tv after basically being a power couple since day 1--cel
pull it together jade--cel
k, why is everybody crying--shawn

i have a lot of thoughts about kirk and carly. they are the reason i hate this show. in real life, this would never happen like this. sure he would freak out and have commitment issues, but it would be a few months down the road. i didn't watch after paradise so maybe i'm wrong, but i think kirk really liked carly. he started getting a little nervous near the end thinking about what would happen after the show. the next to last night she started talking marriage and kids, and he freaked the heck out. instead of talking through it and talking about how maybe things needed to slow down a little, she freaked out and didn't want to hear a single word. i don't think he tricked her, and i don't think he was trying to be a d bag. he was obviously very upset about the whole thing too. i wish she would have let him talk a little more, but i also understand she didn't want to hear it was over 7 different ways. what a heartbreaking mess!

nick and samantha on a date
he keeps calling her a beautiful thing--amanda
can he not read her at all--amanda

justin and cassandra on a date
did he borrow jj's pink pants
so she gets to stay there and he doesn't--amanda

tenley and joshua on a date
they are seriously the weirdest couple

tanner and jade on a date and in love
they are boring but really cute
they probably seem boring because we don't see them a lot because they're basically married--amanda

final day/final rose ceremony
justin and cassandra decide to stay together. we all think that's a little crazy but whatever
samantha and nick also decide to stay together
out of nowhere--amanda
i feel like she just said that so she didn't get backlash--amanda
tenley and joshua really like each other but tenley knows eventually it won't work even though she really likes him. i'm 100% confused. they're not the first couple in the world to live in idaho and california. the whole time i thought they were the weirdest couple ever, but i think this is the stupidest thing.
jade and tanner get engaged. i saw that coming.

tear tally
23 but really how do we even count this?

this season was pretty crazy the whole time. the finale was equally crazy. i didn't watch after paradise. what did i miss!

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  1. I'm glad that Samantha wasn't in this week's episodes too much... But this week was seriously weird. :P The Kirk and Carly thing bugged me. It felt like a high school break up... I feel like he should have said something the day before when she started talking that seriously, instead of giving her a rose and then dumping her later. If they had talked about where they wanted their relationship to go after the show, it might have ended differently.
    I felt bad for Ashley I, but it reminded me of the show, 'He's Just Not That Into You', you shouldn't have to try that hard to get someone to love you... The fact that he was contemplating a date with Jaclyn and then Ashley I offers him a date (did he know it was an overnight? I can't remember) is just weird.
    I'm not bummed that this show is over....

  2. I love Carly. Hope she finds someone!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Just to clarify...the "beer flavored nipples" comment is a quote from 10 things I hate about you and a running joke during this season. I'm not just a weirdy!


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