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Thursday, October 1, 2015

13.1...huntsville half marathon

after the st. george marathon last year i decided to take a break from full marathons. without the pressure of a race to train for, running has been more fun, but i've also made more excuses. some of my friends started talking about running a half marathon. it was the push i needed to get my rear in gear. 
the thing about my running group is we're pretty much always trained for a half. we keep a good 10-13+ mile base so I wasn't too worried. 

picking up my packet
my running story started nearly 10 years ago with ben and kate. it was fun to spend the night with them and do the race with her. 
waiting for the bus with my generation gap ladies
carolyn, judy, joann, renae and kate 
getting ready to start
the energy at the start is one of my fave things about race day
beautiful course
at the finish with the winner of the full

this race was one of the most beautiful races i've ever done. the weather was a little warm but also beautiful. i had expectations for a good strong fast race, but that didn't happen. my watch didn't work(only recorded time not pace or distance). my feet hurt like the devil(never happened before). i ended with the slowest time ever, BUT i met some great people and had an amazing fall morning in the sun. i could tell pretty early that i wasn't going to do very well so i made the decision to just enjoy the day. in the end that's what matters to me. 
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  1. It's just so beautiful where you live I can't handle it! I mean, Georgia is a pretty state too, but it's got nothing on Utah. This post makes me want to come there just to run. My half in January is around an Air Force base, so while it won't be nearly as picturesque, it's pretty fitting since I'm an Air Force brat. Also, races are my favorite! I love, love, love running, but racing is just the icing on the cake!


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