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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

beauty time tuesday...essie gel setter review

i always have my nails painted. i actually don't get super mad when they chip. i'm usually ready for a new color. i do sometimes wish my nails would last a day or two longer or at least hold up through tons of dishes or crafts.

a few weeks ago, i saw a post about the essie gel setter polish. i never saw the review, but it sounded good to me. i have a light to do my own gel nails, but i pretty much never use it. the thought of gel nails without the light is perfect for me.

this stuff is amazing. i painted my nails on saturday night and didn't change it until a week and some days later. i washed tons of dishes and did crafts all week, and they stayed on. they barely started chipping the last day.

this stuff is amazing! i really really love it. everyone should run right out and buy it.

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  1. This review is great, thank you very much!


  2. OH MY GOSH!! So I've been painting my nails more lately and would love for it to last longer, This just may be what I need!

  3. Can you put it over any polish? I love Essie.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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