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Monday, October 26, 2015

random rambling...thinking about the why

i had some great conversations this weekend with some friends about the why. this wasn't the first time i have thought about this. there was a presentation last year at build your blog on discovering your why, but unfortunately i missed that class. it seemed like a great thing to think about, but i quickly forgot about it.

my conversations this weekend centered around blogging and social media posting. why am i blogging? why am i posting on instagram? what is my purpose? and what is my goal? are my actions matching up with my why? 

these are all great questions and got me thinking beyond this space. right now is a really great time for me to evaluate all areas of my life. are the things i am doing helping me achieve my purpose?

before i'm ready to discuss more about my why, i need to do some serious thinking. in the meantime, i want to hear from you-tell me about your why.

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  1. Hmmm. For me my "why" is more personal. I am trying to get down as many memories of my daughters infancy as possible. Also I'm trying to just build my writing skills and keep myself stimulated while being a SAHM. I guess I'm still figuring it out too!! Good question!

  2. I have a mission for my blog and that was to in some small way contribute putting more GOOD out into the world--specifically in terms of values that I don't see as much centering around faith, family, and the home. So that's the reason I keep going and that's how I evaluate what I post--whenever I get worked up about something that I feel passionately about, I make myself think of a way to present it in a way that is putting out more good or I don't at all :) I also enjoy blogging. I like writing, I like making blogging friends and reading other thoughtful or helpful posts. I feel like reading blogs gives me opportunities to learn and grow and so does writing them.


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