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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

what would you do...with orange?

it's the second wednesday of the month which means what would you do. kimberly and i pick a theme, figure out what we would do with the theme, and invite you to link up with us. this month we want to know...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with orange?

all of my holiday decorations are in storage. my house is already all decorated for halloween so i knew i didn't want to make a big craft project. i found some orange twine at target and decided on a glitter banner.

i haven't used the silhouette since i moved. i was excited to use it again. i cut out a basic pumpkin.

glue doesn't work that great with glitter so i used packing tape. it was easy and fast and worked well. 

voila-banner done

do you have any projects, crafts, outfits, foods with orange? link up below.

next month we want to know..what would you do...with leftover turkey.
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  1. Your banner is so cute!! :) I need to put up my fall decor still :P

  2. What a genius way of creating a banner?! You could do this for just about any holiday/season.


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