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Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 goal update...FOCUS

the weather has been really warm here still so i'm in total denial that summer is 100% over, and we're getting close to winter. i'm also in major denial that the year is almost over. 

SEPTEMBER was FOCUS on health
1. lift weights 2x/week-i missed a couple of days, but i did pretty well. i lift on tues/thurs.
2. run 1x/week besides saturday long runs-wednesday is sprint on the treadmill day
3. continue 21 day reset maintenance (food prep, 1 cheat day/week, whole grains, fruits/vegetables)-i started out great and went downhill. i need to recommit to this one
although my overall goal is being healthy, i definitely hope to lose some pounds. my reward for meeting this goal is going to be paying myself cash for each goal i accomplish each week.i didn't stick with my reward system at all. even though it wasn't an official goal, i tried to work on sleeping a little more. sometimes that means i don't make it to the gym, but i know sleep is also an important part of health.

OCTOBER is FOCUS on finances
lately i feel like i have been spending a lot of money on who knows what. i need to keep better track of where my money is going.
1. write down all money spent starting today (i should have started oct 1, but i didn't)
2. pay for all drinks (soda) in cash ($30 cash budget for drinks for the month. i did this in the past and have gotten out of the habit.)
3. save a little each week in cash (per the challenge from elder durrant in lds general conference to save a little each week and also ponderize-focus on a verse of scripture.

did you pick a word for 2015? how are your goals going?

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  1. I loved reading about your September and October goals; they are completely inspiring. I will greatly benefit from taking some of your goals, and I love your drink budget you give yourself.

  2. I didn't pick a word this year, and I'm doing okay on all of my goals except health... OOPS!

  3. I love that you mentioned the saving from Elder Durrant's talk. that's something my husband and I have decided to do. We usually save every paycheck. But now, every sunday we plan to look at our finances and decided how much to transfer to savings. ALSO, I love your idea for $30 budget for drinks in cash. I need to start using cash for more things.

  4. It's so cool that you choose an area of your life to focus on every month! I typically create a few goals for educational, personal, and my blog :) These are great goals to have!

  5. Good luck on the snack and drink spending...that's hard for us as well!


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