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Monday, October 19, 2015

random rambling...slowing down

like i said the other day, i try not to use the excuse of being busy, but seriously i have been so busy lately. work has been insane-more than it should be. a lot of the rest of being busy is self inflicted. i make plans basically every night of the week and weekend. i actually like having a lot of plans. my favorite thing is spending time with family and friends, but things have gotten out of control. my life has been so scheduled lately that I have zero time for the unexpected. 

things reached a bit of a breaking point last week. every single minute of every day and half the night was scheduled, and then the unexpected happened-a friend passed away. she was a healthy 32 year old girl. everyone was completely shocked. i felt very sad for her family and close friends, but i didn't have the time to properly mourn. i made time to attend the viewing because when things like this happen, you make the time. i ran from work to the viewing to a craft night with little time to even process. when 2 of your close friends tell you they are worried about you in the same day, it's time to stop and think. 
i am in california right now. it's been the perfect break from everything. it has given me time to slow down and realize that slowing down is exactly what i need. i need to make time for things that are most important to me and let a few other things go. it seems a little weird to make plans to slow down, but that's exactly what i'm doing.
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  1. I'm glad you have good friends that are looking out for you and will speak up when they're concerned. I hope you'll find some rest and peace and I'm also sorry about your friend.


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