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Friday, January 8, 2016

beauty time...samples and things

the bachelor is back so that means beauty time tuesday has been relocated-to Friday at least for this week.

i LOVE beauty products! i LOVE trying new things, but i don't always LOVE spending a ton of money on full size products only to discover i don't really like it. i LOVE samples which is why i also LOVE influenster. they send boxes of sample-or sometimes full size- things in the mail to try out. it's like christmas every time one of those packages shows up.
botanics face cream
right before christmas (but close enough to christmas to be taking pics in front of a tree), the spice voxbox came. i got to try out all of these cool products. i LOVE it!
botanics organic hydrating day cream
foot petals
sinful nail polish
good health veggie straws
soapbox shampoo&conditioner
yogi tea
not your mother's styline mouse

if we're being totally honest i still haven't tried the sinful polish or the shampoo. the holidays/being a brand snob got in my way. I'm loving everything else. 

the kids loved the veggie straws and maybe are a huge ziploc bag in one sitting. 

do you LOVE trying out new products? comment with your email if you want an invite. 

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  1. What a fun box!! I can't for the life of me get a box from Influenser so I'm giving up. I don't really need the stuff anyway but it's fun to get something other than bills or junk in the mail!

  2. I love those pictures you took showing off your box :)


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