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Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 goal update...FOCUS

my word for 2015 was FOCUS. at the beginning of the year i felt like i was all over the place. i felt like i was doing so many things at one time and not accomplishing much of anything. i picked a different area of focus each month and accomplished a lot of what i wanted to. 

january-i started out the year with a focus on fitness. i got back into some better habits and plan to continue
february-focus on love
march-focus on the blog-something i constantly focus on
april-focus on work
may-focus on moving-i wasn't planning to move and it naturally took over
june-focus on settling in-after the move and other craziness i needed to slow things down a little and get settled
july-focus on myself and improving myself
august-focus on slumber soiree which i did and ended up changing to october
september-focus on health-i did a 21 day reset that helped this goal a lot, and  now i need to do that again.
october-focus on finances-i kept track of my spending which really helped me to be more accountable. now i need to focus more on long term things like investments possibly with glanmore investments
november-focus on why- i spent time thinking about the why behind the things i do.
december was focus on ...the holidays
1. finish Christmas cards early-check-i did really well with this. i was completely done before i left for christmas break
2. take advantage of holiday activities-lights, activities, etc.-check-enjoyed lots of holiday activities
3. enjoy the holidays rather than stress-check- i got things done early enough to enjoy the holidays rather than scrambling to get everything done.

overall i am really happy with my focus for 2015. it really helped me to narrow my focus each month, i accomplished a lot of my goals. did you pick a word for 2015? how did you do with your goals?

are you picking a word for 2016? come back on monday for a linkup with your word for 2016.

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  1. I'm still trying to decide what my word will be for 2016...

  2. I'm glad you ended the year on a good note!


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