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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

blogging the bach 20.4

now is the point in the season when i start getting a little more excited about the show. i finally know who almost all the girls are, and i am starting to pick my faves.
i read on twitter that jade and tanner got married over the weekend. i'm kind of excited someone from paradise actually worked out.
who's watching: celsey, amanda, and lacey

date 1: jojo you set my heart on fire
what i saw
olivia looks rough
not much of the date-did they just ride in the helicopter and then have dinner?
what i heard
weird, we're on the roof having drinks. what did you think was going to happen?--amanda
he's the worst kisser in america--cel
they've kissed a lot--cel
oh my gosh she's a stage 5--cel about olivia
what i thought
we all really like jojo. ben seems to really like her too.

date 2: amanda, jubilee, caila, amber, haley, emily, lauren b, leah, lauren h, jennifer, rachel, olivia 
what i saw
rachel in the cutest romper.
a few girls being very embarrassing
caila basically attacking ben
olivia's terrible outfit and farrah fawcett hair
what i heard
oh no i'm nervous
oh ya. a bunch of drunk tourists. i can't imagine a tougher audience--cel
ok. she was a cheerleader. this isn't a rally--amanda
if this doesn't say individual, i don't know what does--amanda about the riverdance
is she going to pop out of a cake like a literal hooker at a bachelorette party--amanda
that would be embarrassing. that would make me cry--amanda
um her butt's out so that's great--cel about caila
that's not what you call your future wife. that's what you call your mistress--cel
what i thought
that date was too long. i wanted to see more of the date with jojo

date 3:becca
what i saw
jojo helping becca get ready-i love when the girls are nice to each other
becca is beautiful. i have serious hair envy.
what i heard
why did i chop her so fast? i like her--lacey
i'm so excited for this--cel
guys they're so cute--amanda
i love her. she's just classy--cel
what i thought
i'm impressed ben addressed becca being a virgin, didn't make it weird, and actually respected her for it.
i really loved this date! i love becca.

date #4-twins
what i saw
twins dressing matchy matchy
what i heard
oh my gosh they have 4 weiner dogs crawling around. they legit gross me out--amanda
because you still live there you freak--cel
what kind of grown girl doesn't have a single decorative pillow on her bed?--cel
what i thought
are these girls grown up or still little girls?
i thought he would send them both home. 

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
rachel is really dressed up
olivia interrupting
what i heard 
her fake signs are the worst--cel about olivia reading into everything
i really do love becca's dress. if only it was 2 feet longer we could wear it--cel
what i thought
i really wish someone would interrupt olivia. ben is definitely annoyed with her.
dealing with the girls and their insecurity would be so annoying

who is still there-jojo, lauren b, becca, amanda, lauren h, jubilee, emily, caila, jennifer, leah, olivia

tear tally:6
word tally (i'm not very confident in my counting this week)

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