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Thursday, January 14, 2016

shopping secrets...windshield cover

i like to shop, but i do not like to spend a lot of money on any one thing. i find some really amazing things sometimes, and i want you all to know about them. 
i live in utah. it snows here-sometimes a little (like last year), and sometimes it snows a lot (like this year). i really hate it a lot, but it's part of living here. we've had more snow this year than i can remember anytime recently.
when i got back from christmas break, there was so much snow especially on my car. i had to dig my car out of the igloo it was buried in. it was not fun, and i broke my snow scraper.
i went to target to buy a new scraper. i didn't find what i was looking for, but i found something even better-a windshield cover.
Heavy Duty Arctic Guard Screen
this thing is amazing! i put it on my windshield every single night, and i never have to scrape. it saves me so much time and anger in the mornings. it has been really cold here (like 12 degrees cold) early in the morning, and this completely keeps the frost and ice off my windshield. if you park your car outside and you live somewhere cold, you NEED this!
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  1. I don't live somewhere it snows often (thankfully), but I do wake up super early and I ALWAYS have frost on my windshield. I may have to invest in one of these! Sadly, it would probably get stolen off of my car... Hmm. We shall see. Thank you for the tip!

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing. While we don't get as much snow as you guys (thankfully) our windows do freeze over. The car I drive is parked in the garage and I don't leave in the mornings, but Zach does and his car is parked outside. I might have to pick this up as a little surprise for him!

  3. That does look like it makes things easier!


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