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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

blogging the bach 20.1

after a few months break from the bachelor, i'm excited to be back for another season of blogging the bach. i liked ben on kaityln's season. he seems like the kind of guy i would want to date in real life, but i'm a little afraid he might be boring. either way i'm sure the girls will more than make up for it.

i'm excited to team up with life of mrs. otts and semibalancedmama for a weekly linkup.

who's watching: celsey and sisters in law amanda, alicia, lacey

what i saw
meet the parents
chit chat with former bachelors-we all agree jason looks old
lots of sparkly dresses
and a lot of lace being crazy already and drunk
what i heard
guys, this is so sad. we would have been perfect--amanda wishing she was with ben
it's getting more and more scripted i figured out--lacey
why are these unsuccessful people even there?--cel
she needed to be on chris' season. know your bachelors.--cel about chicken girl
bad idea-you took away the mystery and took away his man card.--amanda about lace
my friends call me red velvet, and by friends i mean the "girls" i work with--cel about laura
unique is not always a good thing--cel
unique usually means crazy--lacey
their title is twins. it doesn't say what they do because they do nothing--alicia
it's hard to meet college--cel about twins
don't say unemployed. some girl put dog lover. you could have put that--amanda about rachel
it looks like she has a diaper on--cel i feel so bad for her. there is nothing worse than that--amanda about LB. and they he watched that walk away--amanda
she'll find another news anchor job. her face is perfect--amanda about olivia
i love their ooo something's about to happen music--lacey
have you ever watched this show? you're going to get so much more out of it if you try to be friends with the other girls--cel about lace
why is he already having a this is hard talk?--lacey
welcome to the lace show--lacey
what i thought
the parents are adorable
i love a catch up with the former bach stars, but this is getting a little ridiculous.
he thinks everyone is beautiful
he's going to have to get rid of some of the lauren's
i wish they had amber and becca come with the other girls instead of making a big, dramatic interest
it's hard to have too many thoughts this early on. i'll have more as the season progresses.

first impressions
lauren b-nervous, flight attendant/wings-i kind of like her i think
caila-jumped up, sparkly dress-maybe a little too much
jennifer-ben and jen
jami-cream 2 piece dress, Canada, bug heart
sam-big red dress, boxers or legal briefs-i might like her
jubilee-tight dress
amanda-looks like jenna from ben's season-he likes her
lace-kissed him, black lacey dress-bold, probably going to be the villian
lauren r-social media stalker
shushanna-speaking something besides english
leah-football-not a lady
joelle "jojo"-unicorn head
lauren h-caught the bouquet
laura-red velvet-is that her stripper name?
mandi-weird dentist
haley&emily-no just no
breanne-gluten is satan
isabelle "izzy"-onesie for me-terrible but he's not going to forget her
rachel-skateboard, unemployed and on cloud nine
jessica-dress looks like britt, cute
tiara-chicken girl
lauren "LB"-butt things in her underwear according to alicia
jackie-save the date
olivia-can i hug you? dimples, sparkly dress
amber & becca-amber's hair looks way better than on paradise, i'm excited becca is back.

who's left- olivia, lauren b, LB, caila, amber, jami, jennifer, jubilee, amanda, jojo, leah, rachel, samantha, jackie, haley, emily, shashana, lauren h, becca, mandi, lace
celsey and lacey made us the cutest treats I've ever seen-roses from melted jolly ranchers. also, we're doing a bracket for the first time this season. i'll post my picks next week.

tear tally-(we decided it counts as another tally if the scene changes and comes back and there are still tears) 5
word tally (common bach words-am i missing any?)

judging by the previews, it looks like we're going to have a lot of crying and a lot of drama this season. i'll have my predictions for the season next week. what are your thoughts so far?

do you blog about the bachelor? grab the image, link up, and hop around, we're not big on rules, but no spoilers please.

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  1. As I was watching the Bachelor last night, I was thinking that I should have done a post like this today. There was SO MUCH I wanted to say. These girls be crazy, first of all. And you already know that Lace is the Tierra of this season. Also... they had Sean come back which is understandable, he's successfully married and having a baby. Jason, who chose someone different and then changed his mind but I guess not who is successfully married and then Chris... who chose someone who dumped him. Clearly he shouldn't be giving advice. SO MUCH DRAMA to come!

  2. I heard a lot of mixed reviews last night on Twitter, including Catherine wondering how she got married from the show. I'm going to be watching OnDemand on Fridays and Saturdays this season... if it's worth it. Do you think it's worth it?


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