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Monday, January 11, 2016

weekday happs

we all love the weekend right?!? and spend half of the week (or maybe more) counting down to the weekend. i love the weekend too, but i also love the week. i do a lot of fun things during the week, and sometimes they don't get documented. instead of just posting weekend happs, i need to be better about posting weekday happs.

when i lived a lot closer to celsey we started monday night tradish(dinner and bachelor). sadly we don't live by each other anymore, but the tradition continues and has expanded to include her sisters in law and sometimes friends. we take turns making dinner. when it's on, we watch the bachelor/ette. when it's not we chat or do crafts. it's the best way to start the week and takes the dread out of monday. 
as part of my goal to be still, i want to be home a little more/make a few less plans. i tend to be gone a lot which is always fun, but it makes it hard to focus on the things i want to focus on. i'm really going to try to set aside one night a week to be home after work.

on the other nights I often make plans with friends. one of my favorite things is spending time with family and friends. last week I met amberly for dinner and a major catch up sesh. i'm pretty sure we could have stayed all the night long. 
if i'm being honest, i don't really prefer being home. i like to have plans, but it does make life a little crazy sometimes. do you like to stay home during the week or plan lots of things or somewhere in the middle?
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  1. I am SUCH a homebody! I can't imagine doing a lot on weeknights. I just want to get in my comfy clothes and veg on the couch when I get home from work!

  2. I love our catch up sessions! Next time we'll plan for a longer chat :) I don't know why I bothered dropping my car off that night... they didn't start on it until late the next day and so I didn't get it back until today :P

  3. Monday night tradish...LOVE IT! 4 years and counting if you can believe it! My week isn't complete without it! I will forever be thankful for that horrendous church calling and the gregson ward because it brought us together.


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